Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double Bubbles

Tonight Miss had a looong bath, complete with bubbles in the bath water and bubbles for blowing. I think she was in heaven. She stayed in until she was all pruny and had a blast.

Her bubble-blowing technique has greatly improved since last summer, but she still tends to put the bubble wand right up to her mouth to blow. She can get it to make bubbles,

but naturally ends up with lots of bubble solution in her mouth. At one point she was talking to me and foaming and blowing bubbles out of her mouth. I'm totally serious. It cracked me up.

What better way to get rid of yucky-bubble taste in your mouth than to wipe it on the shower curtain??

And what bath-time photo session would be complete without some photos of the hair standing straight up? I was surprised to realize that I don't think we have any of these photos of Miss. Of course, nearly every picture of Lass has her hair standing straight up, though we don't have the soapy bath-time hair standing up photo of her yet either. I guess I need to get on it. This 'do Miss did herself when she pushed her hair up out of her face after I dumped a cup of water over her head.

And of course I shaped this lovely after I shampooed her, while she was still all shampoo-ey.
BTW, it doesn't work very well to try to rinse out shampoo while there is still bubbly water in the tub. Who knew?? Usually when we do a bubble bath, I wash Miss first and then add the bubbles and let her play for a while. But when you do it that way the bubbles don't foam up as nicely. So tonight I put the bubbles in from the jump, but then she kept rubbing her bubbly hands in her hair and face as I was trying to rinse her hair. Not too effective, though we obviously got around that by draining the tub and rinsing a few more times. It didn't matter. The hugely bubbly water was totally worth it.

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