Monday, March 5, 2012

Sisters With Style

I love how the differences in my girls' personalities are really starting to shine.  Lass tends to be more laid back, though she is very feisty and can assert herself very effectively when she wants to.  Miss is a bit more demanding in general, though some of that may certainly be her age.  Miss tends to hang back and observe things, where Lass is more likely to jump right in.  Both my girls are very loving, but Lass tends to be my little snuggler.  And so on.  They are both so funny.

Another way I love to watch their differences is in the ways they express themselves through their style.  Big Sister is pretty much happy as long as she is in a "ballerina costume."  She is nothing if not consistent, and she would wear a leotard and tights all day every day if I would let her.

She loves to have her finger and toenails polished.  Right now they're blue.  And up until yesterday, her style included a pony tail.  Every. day.  This kind of makes me sad, because I love her hair and would love to do something different with it, but she doesn't want anything to do with having her hair down or any other way.  Except yesterday and today.  Right now, she's letting her hair down, and I'm loving it.  Isn't it gorgeous?

When I insist that she wear real clothes, she doesn't usually have too much of an opinion about what she wears.  Sometimes she'll insist on a particular pair of socks, which never match the rest of her outfit.  Sometimes she just requests or picks something blue, which is her favorite color right now.  Sometimes she asks to wear a "pretty dress," mostly just because she likes to wear tights, I think.

And then sometimes this girl shakes it up entirely.  A chef's hat and heels?  Naturally.  That's how I cook dinner every night...

Little Sister's style is a bit more eclectic.  She loves funky shoes.

She doesn't really love pajamas in general.  Every morning as soon as she wakes up, she says, "Pants?  Shirt?"  The girls doesn't want to waste any time lounging in jammies, and of course it's easier to get into her fun shoes without those bulky footie jammies on.  I got her a pair of two-piece jammies to see if that would curb her demands to get dressed immediately upon waking.  It has worked so far.  She loves her jammies with "pants and shirt."  This morning she donned some fun footwear right away.

These boots have been the favorite of the last few days.

And she also has a fondness for a great "hat."

Sister style, side by side.

It will be so fun to go shopping for school clothes and prom dresses with these two someday!

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