Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Plague has Descended upon our Home

Okay, obviously not really the Plague. It's not the dreaded H1N1 either. All right, it's not even the good old seasonal flu (formerly known as just the plain old flu). Really it's just your garden variety cold. And it hasn't really descended upon our whole house. Just me. Well, that's anticlimactic, eh? I have had the sneezing and stuffy/runny nose. I haven't been able to sleep because my nose is stuffed up, always at least on one side. And I haven't taken any cold medications because I'm breast feeding and don't want 1. Any medications to pass to Miss and 2. My milk supply to decrease (apparently some of the decongestants can cause this). Feeling sorry for me yet??

A couple of days ago I shifted to the coughing mode of the cold. This started to really irritate my throat. Then I was making animal sounds with Miss, and the next thing I knew, my voice was gone. I think it was the lion that did me in. Rrraaaawwrrr! So now I have had laryngitis for two days. Miss seems to think this is funny. She has started making whispering sounds at me in response to my whispers, and she gives me some pretty funny looks when my voice cracks/croaks/squeaks. I have barely been able to get out the reading of "I Love You Stinky Face" and other books before nap time. And the final nap time ritual before I put her down? I sing "You Are My Sunshine." The past two days I have whispered the song to her, and only the first verse instead of the whole song. There is no way anything resembling a tune is coming out of this mouth right now!

On a positive note, my hubby hasn't gotten sick and neither has Miss. I attribute this to my heroic hand-washing efforts and the fantastic immunity boost breast milk provides. Um, that last part is just for Miss, of course. So my hands are dry and cracked, my voice is gone, and my supply of tissue and hand sanitizer are out and nearly out, respectively, but life is still good in our humble home. I just can't wait to smother my Miss with kisses again!!!

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