About Me

I'm Amy.  The Mom.  I am in love with my two beautiful girls and my hunk of a husband.  I am a clinical psychologist by training and worked for several years in a federal prison and in private practice before becoming a mom.  Now I do occasional consulting work as a forensic psychologist.  It's the best possible job, as it allows me to be home with my girls but to keep a hand in my field and maintain a professional identity while working when I want.
We live far away from all of our family, so I started this blog as a way to share what we're up to with our loved ones.  It has turned into a way for me to journal about my adventures in mothering.  I love to look back over the posts and photos I've done over the past year and a half and see how my girls have grown, and how I have grown as a mother as well.  It is a huge bonus that sharing my experiences this way is also allowing me to stay connected with many family members and also to "meet" some new followers along the way.