Monday, July 2, 2012

A Reunion

I love family reunions.  Especially reunions where all the generations are represented in force.  We had one of those yesterday at my parent's house.  My Grandma was here.

One of the very fun things about our family reunions on my Dad's side of the family is that they are quite extended.  And because my Grandma and her sister married my Papa and his brother, and my Grandma's family and Papa's family (meaning their siblings) all grew up together, we get reunions with great aunts and great uncles from all over the place.  My Grandma's sister and two of her brothers were here with many members of their families, as well as my Papa's sister and one of her daughters.  I'm not sure if these are my second cousins or third or fourth, but it was wonderful to see and visit with them.

I love watching the interactions amongst family members who have known and loved each other for decades and yet rarely get to see each other. There were elderly siblings.  There were in-laws who are a link to a beloved but deceased family member.  There were nearly as many family members here from my Grandma's generation as from my girls' (six and eight, respectively).  There was lots of reminiscing and catching up.  There were plenty of long, good-squeezing hugs too.

My cousins were here and we saw lots of photos that my Papa took in the 1960s and 70s and 80s.  He was quite the photographer.

Speaking of photography, I really wanted to get a good photo of my girls and my brother's kids (who were the only kids at the party) with my Grandma.  This was easier said than done, mostly because poor Lass was not interested in posing for this photo.  She tried to run away.  She screamed and cried.  She was desperately in need of a nap.

Of all the pics snapped, my husband managed to get this not-too-bad shot of all the kids with my Gram.

Yes, my girls are all dressed alike.  I can't help myself.

My Grandma went home today, so unfortunately our visit was a bit short.  We had a chat last night.  I asked her what project she is currently working on.  She told me that she had been working on Lass's quilt (each of her grandchildren gets a personalized quilt; you can see Miss's here), and had gotten it all ready to put together and finish when she realized that her clothes were not quite right for her trip here for the reunion, so she had to make some more clothes and adjust the fit on some others (yes, my Grandma makes all her own clothes, including the outfit you see her wearing in the above photos!).  And then she's been working on a military quilt, which will be sent to a military hospital when she's finished.  She's also been working on afghans for a girls shelter and lap afghans for the veterans at a hospital near her.  I'm sure there's at least one thing I'm forgetting too.  It makes me tired just thinking about all that.  She is never idle.  I love that about her.  I think of all the stuff she is constantly doing, and then I am inspired to do more myself.

Getting lots of family time this week.  It's so good for my girls.  And it's good for my soul.  

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  1. Just wonderful! (LOVE that your girls are dressed alike, btw... little Sis is set for a wardrobe for a good long time! LOL)