Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Change is Coming

I have finally decided to take the big step.

Motherhood and Miscellany is moving.  I am working on getting my own domain and switching to Wordpress.  I've been debating this for a while, and am finally going to do it.
She calls these her "Gobbles" 

What does all of that mean exactly?  Well, not much really.  The blog will still have the same name, but the URL will no longer include "blogspot" because I won't be using Blogger anymore.  I will still have Motherhood and Miscellany's Facebook page, where you can follow and get post updates.  I will have a somewhat different, but similar, design for the blog, and hopefully it will be more user friendly.  I should have it set up so that if you come to this site by accident, you'll automatically get routed to the new page.  I'm transferring all my content.  So, that's about it.  I think it will be good.

I'm not exactly sure when I will start posting on the new site, but I'll let you know.

Change is good.

1 comment:

  1. Exciting Amy! I miss blogging and need to get into it again... maybe when Baby J is born? We'll see.... but you've definitely done a fantastic job and kept up so well!