Sunday, November 20, 2011

Self Portrait

My girls love to draw and color.  I am so happy with this new table I have for them.  It has a paper roll and is just the right height for both of them.

Miss always asks me to draw "smiley faces" and pictures of each of the members of our family.  I am not an artist.  And it's kind of funny to try to draw myself, but she likes it, so I do it.  Over and over.  Here's my latest "self portrait."  Lass decided to color me yellow.

Then Miss thought it needed a little something. She said she needed to add "something to the cheeks."

Then she felt the picture I drew of her Daddy needed to same treatment.

That, and a hair bow.

We've had lots of fun in the past few days with crayons, stamps, and dot markers.

Lass is really getting into coloring more and more.

The trick is in keeping the crayons out of her mouth.

My works of art.

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