Saturday, December 31, 2011

Like It's 1999

Yes, we do love to party around here.  The girls have been really rocking the dress up and dancing lately.

So today, we got dressed up (even Daddy!) and had our special New Year's Eve party.

The girls got a few minutes to practice with our noise makers.

Then we did our countdown, yelled "Happy New Year!!" and went to town with the noise makers.

Who cares that it was only 7 pm?

They sure didn't.

We even finished off the party having a "toast" with our special "party drink" in fancy glasses.

The drink was sparkling cranberry juice.  The girls weren't really sure if they liked it.  Miss kept taking little sips and smiling, but then saying, "It's too spicy!"  I think they mostly liked the fancy glasses and having something different.

They thought it was all a pretty big deal.  Happy New Year!  I'm looking forward to all that 2012 has in store for us.


  1. oh my! They are adorable - LOVE, LOVE that first pic!!

  2. That sounds like a fun project! This year I want to get better about organizing my photos because I am usually in a hurry and just dump them into iPhoto. If they don't make the blog, they are hard to sort through and enjoy. I should learn more about iPhoto, but thought I'd check to see if you have a good system or any tips? Happy picture taking!