Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The 365-Photo Project

I like to read a blog called I Heart Faces.  It's a photography blog, and often they have very cool tips or ideas.  One thing I read about on Sunday was the 365-Photo Project.  The (fairly obvious from the title) "project" is to set a goal to take at least one photo every day for a year.  I love this idea, and decided I am going to do it this year, and every year from now on.  What a great way to document all the moments, big and small, of my girls' lives. 

So far, I've gotten some very fun photos.  Sunday morning, Lass woke up really early.  We got to spend a little time playing, just the two of us.  And I got to kick off my new project with these super cute photos of her in her sister's new play apron, "cooking."

As a side note, Lass has recently started wanting to take her jammies or clothes off all the time.  So, there may be a lot of pics in the near future of her in just a onesie.  Or more likely, a onesie with some sort of dress up apparel over it.

Yesterday, I got this photo of the girls as they were playing and waiting for some friends to come over for a play date.

And today, my big girl was happy to ham it up for me when I asked her to show off her "Go Blue" shirt after school (big bowl game tonight, after all).

I love this face.

She really wanted a photo in this pose.

And of course, my other beautiful one, crazy hair and all (she pulled out her spout pony this morning).

Here's to a year of great photos of my girls.

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