Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have a drawer in my kitchen that contains lids for various plastic containers (many of which are no longer anywhere to be found), some swirly straws, and some popsicle molds.  This drawer is located right next to the girls' Learning Tower, and the other day they discovered it.  Since then it has provided endless entertainment both for them, and for me.  Oh how my girls crack me up.

Miss calls the things in this drawer the stuff for her party.  She alternates between having the items in the drawer be for a dance party and for a tea party. But it's always a party.

She turns some of the lids into pretend cakes and sings Happy Birthday to each member of the family in sequence.  She pretends to feed various items to Lass, who returns the favor happily.

Sometimes they just marvel at "Mama, everything's blue!" (or green, or purple, depending on the lid) and then they crack up.

I love the simplicity and innocence of what they find entertaining.  Hilarious even.  They feed off each other and it's so fun to watch.  You just can't beat these moments of motherhood.

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