Friday, February 3, 2012


Just returned tonight from another week in the blogging black hole (my parents' house).  We had a great visit, and I'll post about that soon.  But tonight I'm tired from a long day in the car and little sleep last night, so here's a quickie with a few photos from last week.

Miss has gotten into wearing dresses to school.  This is because she likes to wear tights, not because she really cares about dresses.  I don't have a ton of dresses for her, since she's never really been into them before, and I tend to think they're a bit impractical for an active girl.  I didn't want to spend a ton on new dresses for her, but I found this amazing online consignment store, where I got her three dresses for under $25.  Cute, name brand dresses in great condition.  I love a great deal (have I mentioned that before?).

And somebody got her very own ballet shoes to be like big sister.

Now they dance together.

No words needed for these next three photos.  I'll just say I love them.

And in closing, Miss's new thing (besides dresses) is to inspect her feet for toe jam.  It makes me chuckle just to type that.  She almost never finds any.  I do wash regularly between her toes.  But she likes to look for it.  Whatever floats her boat, right?

There.  A quickie.  Night.

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