Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend has been quiet.  It's very cold here, and my husband had to work this weekend, so the girls and I mostly just stayed home and did lots of fun stay-home stuff.  We had more tea parties, this time with little sister joining in.


We played with baby dolls and did some gymnastics in the basement.  We made a little gift to give the other kids at Miss's school for Valentine's Day.  Miss and I even completed her first homework assignment from school this afternoon when she didn't take a nap.  She was given a poster board heart at school and instructed to decorate it with the things she loves for Valentine's Day.  So today we talked about what she loves.  We taped photos of Lass, Daddy, Mom (I'm now "Mom," not Mama or Mommy), an ultrasound picture of Sis, and our dog Jonah to the heart.  Then she added photos of herself reading, doing gymnastics, eating ice cream at the pool, and picking a worm out of a carton while fishing with her Daddy.  She added a ballerina sticker, a picture of watermelon, which she said is her favorite food, and interestingly, a picture of her Papa's tractor.  She was quite decisive about what she wanted and didn't want, though I had to prompt her a bit by showing pictures and asking her if she wanted certain things.  I loved hearing the things she wanted to add, and was surprised by some things she didn't care to include, like a picture of her Oopsie Bear Care Bear.  It makes me smile when she surprises me with things like that.

Also this weekend we did some work getting things ready for baby Sis.  I did some crafting during nap time, which I'll post about when I have some finished projects to show.  Miss helped me fold clothes for Sis, which we transferred from the back of Miss's closet into Sis's.

She was so excited to help, and kept singing a little made-up song about the clothes and how her baby sister was going to love them.  She said, "Baby Sissy will be so happy that I helped fold her laundry.  She will love me so much and will give me a big hug."  I can't wait to see how wonderful these girls are going to be when their new sister arrives.  Miss was great with Lass, but she's so much older now, it will be fun to watch how much more she can understand and help with her newest sister.  And I'm happy for Lass to have to chance to make the transition from Baby Sister to Big Sister.

And seriously, there is just something about the relationship these girls have that makes me smile every time I see them playing together and anticipate so happily the addition of another sister.  I love to watch them.  I'll turn around and randomly see them snuggling together or playing a sweet little private game.

Lass's language is really exploding, so they can talk to each other much more now, and I love to hear their little conversations.  Miss has a sweet little special voice that she uses for Lass when Lass is upset and Miss is trying to console her.

Usually, though certainly not always, they share pretty well too.  I bought a two-sided easel (which hasn't been put together yet) so they could both use it at the same time more easily than the easel on their Learning Tower.

But when I witness moments like this one, I wonder why.

This weekend the sisters, as always, played lots of dress up.

Miss wanted to try to take a picture of her sister with my camera, and she did a pretty good job!

Miss also got her fingernails and toenails polished.  She has been very excited about this, and wanted to paint her Daddy's fingernails when he got home from work today.  He was going to let her do it, until I told him that the only polish remover we have is the super non-toxic stuff that doesn't really work very well.  He decided to go for a pedicure instead.  Both girls got a chance to paint his toenails.

Miss tried to finish up after Lass polished almost every part of his toes but his nails.

The finished product on the foot that Miss did by herself.

I'm sure this is the first of many nail polishings for this Daddy.  I love that he's such a good sport about it.

This weekend wasn't terribly productive.  I only crossed one thing off my extensive to-do list.  The stuff above about getting Sis's clothes folded and moved into her room is misleading.  I started the project, but since I don't have her dresser in her room yet or enough hangers for her clothes, I actually got very little done.  I hung some jammies, folded a few swaddle blankets, and moved two boxes, one with newborn cloth diapers and the other with newborn and size 3-month clothes, into Sis's room.  I got a little bit done on some growth charts I'm making for Lass's and Sis's rooms, like the one I made for Miss a while ago.  And that's about it.  Really though, I don't care that I didn't get much done.  When my husband is working the weekend and we are pretty much house-bound, I just do my best to have as much fun as possible and avoid meltdowns, either from my girls or myself.  This weekend, we did a pretty good job.

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  1. The picture with them coloring together with their arms over and under is too cute! They will be great big sisters.