Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday was Miss's third birthday.  She's three.  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like it couldn't have been that long ago that she came into my world and made me a Mama.

I wonder if I will have this incredulous feeling every year, as time flies by and my girls get older.  Holy cow, Miss is six! How is that possible?  and OMG, I just can't believe my little Lass is 10, and so on.  I suspect I will.  I suspect I will continue to cherish every new stage my girls reach, while simultaneously feeling just a little bit shocked, maybe a teeny bit sad, that they are growing up.  Each time one of my girls has a birthday, I think back on the day that she was born and I savor my memories of those first moments of seeing her, holding her, and marveling at every tiny detail of her.  I look at how much she has grown and I am amazed.  These girls amaze me in their new developments all the time.  I suspect they always will.

We were out of town visiting family this weekend, and unfortunately both of my girls had bad colds.  Miss woke from her nap shortly before her birthday party started, and it took her a little while to warm up.  She had been feeling yucky for a few days, and was resistant to the idea of even having a birthday party.  She did get into playing with her sister and cousins eventually.

We had a Care Bears themed party and I had been so excited for her to enjoy it, but she just wasn't feeling it.  When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out her candles, she was not having any part of it. 

Poor thing refused to blow out her candles, so we had to ask one of her cousins to help.

I hated that she was feeling so badly.  She even said, at first, that she didn't want any cake or ice cream. After I got some and offered to share a bite with her, she changed her mind though.  She ate most of "my" piece of cake and almost all of my ice cream.
Notice her poor upper lip and under her nose.  She has been refusing to let me put anything on it but chapstick, and she wipes or licks that off almost right after I put it on. 

My birthday girl perked up a bit more when she started opening her gifts.

A few months ago, after she first saw the movie "Snow White" and we read books like "The Little Mermaid" and "Sleeping Beauty" a few times, she said that she wanted "A Snow White, a Sleeping Beauty, Ariel without her tail, a prince, a queen and a castle" for her birthday.  So that's what she got.

But the biggest gift hit?  The Yo Gabba Gabba beanie babies I had ordered for her for Christmas.  They were back ordered and didn't arrive until late January.  She is currently sleeping with all five of them.

Lass had a pretty good time at the party as well.

Overall the party was a success, I think, though I wish my girls had been feeling better.  I'm hoping they will be back to their energetic, happy selves very soon.

Speaking of very soon, in only about five weeks or so, we will expand again to a little family of five.

I'm so eager to meet little Sis.  Tonight I'm thinking about the Birth Day of my eldest, while happily anticipating the rapidly approaching Birth Day of our newest little one.

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  1. I can hardly believe our babies are 3 this year! Happy 3rd Birthday to Miss! :-)