Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Finally?

We have had the most wonderful weather so far this winter.  So far the temps have been mild.  In the past week most days have been at least in the 40s.  Today was around 50 degrees!  So far we have had very little snow.  Not even enough to cover the grass yet.  

Naturally with such beautiful weather, we pushed nap time back today and played outside after lunch.

Who would miss out on this for nap time?

We can sleep plenty tomorrow.  Notice I stressed above that the weather has been great so far?  Well, it's supposed to get cold tonight and start to snow.  I think we're predicted to get 3-5 inches tomorrow.  Honestly, around here in January, that's not really that much.  But we probably won't be doing this for a little while:

I'm sure the girls will also enjoy finally getting to play in some snow.  But they'll be so bundled, the crazy carefree running and playing of today might be slightly less unencumbered.

This will probably especially be the case for Lass, whose little body will be back in "I-can't-move-my-arms!"status with her snow pants and heavier coat.  The girls are quite interested in the snow though, so I'm sure they'll enjoy it when it comes.  Somehow we still have a few small patches of the white stuff  that have survived the warm weather.  Of course the girls went right to them.

"It's cold!"

We'll still try to get out and have lots of fun in the snow when it comes.  I'm kind of looking forward to snow angels and snow men and Daddy pulling the girls around on their little sled.  Kind of.  I'm stocked up on hot chocolate and soup, and The Daddy has been building some fabulous fires in our fireplace on the weekends.  So bring on the snow.  It can be winter finally.  We're ready.

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