Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun

We have had a fun Easter weekend.  The girls dyed eggs with me last night.

I got the idea to use a whisk to hold the eggs from Pinterest. It worked really well, though the whisk I used for Lass was a little bit small to fit the eggs into.  I also had to adjust the level of water in the cups and the position of the eggs in the whisks in order to be able to get the eggs submerged fully.  But, this was much easier than the way we did it last year, dropping the eggs into the dye and having Miss try to fish them out with a spoon.

Miss pretty much dyed all the eggs.  Lass did one egg and then lost interest.

This morning we hunted eggs and baskets.

It was Lass's first experience with the Easter egg/basket hunt.

She caught on quite quickly.

I love the dollar section at Target.  So much good basket filler!

Baby Sis was still sleeping while we hunted, but the Easter Bunny left her a special basket too.

I finally got a few photos with all three of my girls together.

We went to brunch with the Easter Bunny.  The girls were so interested in the bunny when he was across the room, but once he came close, they were much more reserved.  Lass wouldn't even take a toy from his basket, though as soon as we left, she kept asking for him.  "Bunny?  Bunny?"

Miss was a bit more brave and selected a toy.  She even shook his hand.

Baby Sis was an angel at brunch.  She is such an easygoing baby.  She got all tired out from our adventures of the morning.

Sweet little bunny...

Happy Easter!

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