Monday, April 2, 2012

Happily Rolling Along

We are adjusting happily to having Baby Sis home.  

I was thrilled with the response of my big girls when we first brought her home.  Miss was ecstatic.  Lass was intrigued.  They were both happy and loving.

Miss ran right into her room to get a book to read to "Baby Sissy."

Lass kept wanting to pull her blankets off to see her better.

And my protective eldest repeatedly put the blankets back on, very gently, so she wouldn't get cold.

Miss was excited to help with her sister's first bath at home.

She constantly wants to hold "her baby."  Lass just wants to wear multiple tutus (there are five on her below).

We had a bit of a birthday party over the weekend.

And the girls "helped" their Daddy start getting ready to plant our garden.

Miss spent lots of time telling stories with her Grandma.  I think this one was a story about how her baby sister spit up, and how Lass used to spit up when she was a baby, and Miss herself used to spit up when she was a baby...

I was sad that my parents left this morning, but must say I'm pleased with how our first day on our own went.  I even got a shower and made it with all three girls to Miss's gymnastics class.  Early.  Miss is very into helping and she and Lass play together so well, the adjustment has gone very well so far.  I have been told that the shift from two kids to three is easier than the transition from one to two.  I'd say I agree with that.  A good friend of mine also made a statement that I think is very true.  She said, "No matter how many kids you have, when you bring home a new baby it's going to make things a bit crazy for a while."  Yep.  Today, though I made it to gymnastics with clean hair and three adequately dressed and groomed children, I did forget to brush my teeth and put a coat on.  Goals for tomorrow, I suppose...

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  1. I'm so impressed that you got showered and got out of the house (even with dirty teeth)! I can barely do that still, with just one three year old. good for you! Great pictures too!