Monday, February 15, 2010

One year ago. . .

Oh my, how quickly time flies. One year ago today was my due date with Miss. The day came and went without her arrival of course, but it was a fun day nonetheless and it's fun to reminisce about it now. Here is an excerpt from my pregnancy journal regarding this date last year:

"[Miss] didn't come by her due date! Yesterday was the 15th. Ben and I got dressed up and went out for a nice dinner. We didn't want to just sit around in the house wondering when our little girl will arrive. I realized that a woman is just not meant to wear pantyhose at 40 weeks pregnant! I couldn't get them on very easily while sitting down, so I tried to do it while standing up. I bent all the way over and managed to get my right foot in the hose, but then realized that in order to bend over that far I had to have my knees way apart and so my left foot was too far away to get it in the left side! I had to bend my knees and turn them way out while bringing my feet closer together and trying to keep my balance. Eventually I managed to get them on!"

I remember writing this entry on the 16th. Unfortunately on that day I had the stomach flu (I also wrote about this in my journal, but figured I'd spare you the details!) and I thought it might be the first signs of labor. Not so much. And though I'm sure the food we ate at the restaurant had nothing to do with the onset of my flu, I have no desire to go back to there to eat. Ever. It will forever be associated with vomit and just doesn't seem too appealing anymore!!

Here's a photo of me and my hubby before that dinner. This is the last photo of the two of us together before Miss's arrival.

I seriously cannot believe how large I was. Or that I chose to wear those shoes!

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