Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We went to many beaches during our vacation. All were absolutely beautiful. I thought Miss might enjoy trying out her new walking skills on the beach. She did not. There were two problems. The first was that she was scared of the waves. She clung to Ben for dear life when he held her near the ocean the first time we went to the beach. She got a little better about this, but never did let me put her down and dunk her toes in the water.

The second problem was the sand. Miss had an evolution in her relationship to the sand over the course of the vacation. The following photos illustrate this.

This is our first time on the beach (not Miss's first time ever, but the first time in many months). Here she is very unsure whether she likes this sand.

Definitely don't like it!!!

Several days and a few different beaches later, she's discovering that maybe sand isn't too bad.

The following day (last day of our trip) she discovered the joy of picking up handfuls of sand and pouring it on herself.

Yep, I definitely like this stuff!

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