Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holding the Fort

My parents were here for one week and one day after Lass was born. It was great. Miss was in heaven playing with Grandma and Grandpa (both "Gaga"). My dad cooked. My mom bounced the baby and made curtains for her room. They both doted on Miss. It was fabulous.

On Wednesday, they left. It was a little scary at first, but ended up not being too bad. Fortunately my hubby has been off work this whole past week, so we've been able to maintain man-to-man defense. After a little bit of a rough patch on Wednesday, Miss has adjusted really well to her new role. She really didn't do badly at any point, but there were just a few things she had trouble getting used to. Like the fact that she doesn't get carried up and down the stairs much anymore. She was having a fit every time I would tell her to turn around and go down the stairs on her tummy and instead stood at the top of the stairs reaching out to me and crying "Ca-ee" (carry). We finally came to a compromise when I offered to hold her hand while she walked down the stairs like a "big girl." Problem solved. And there have been a few other times when she has clearly been trying to test me, but mostly she's just adorable as Big Sister. She watches over Lass.

Tries to help with the burp cloths and binkies.

And always asks to give kisses to her baby sister. She is a bundle of energy though and sometimes it's hard to keep up with her.

So we got this to help out. Unfortunately, the mesh doesn't reach all the way to the sides and she has learned that she can just squeeze through and go on her merry way. We'll be fixing that.

Overall, things are going really well here. We may not be quite as neat and tidy as at other times.

But we're making it work. Lass is a great baby and she makes it easy to give lots of attention to Miss, which is what she needs right now.

We catch our sleep whenever we can and cuddle our girls as much as possible.

Life is good.


  1. Great pictures! You look great :) And B totally calls him Grandmas 'Gaga' as well!

  2. That's nice that you had one whole week of help! Sweet!