Friday, September 10, 2010

On Our Own

This has been our first week on our own. Just the three of us. Just us girls. Just me, the Mom, managing a newborn and a toddler. Zone defense. I think I've done all right. We have had our moments. A meltdown here and there. I have let Miss watch waaayyy more TV than I ever have before. Which still isn't a lot, since previously she pretty much watched no TV, but I feel a little bad turning on the TV to occupy her when I'm busy with Lass. But she doesn't watch it much, and I've said many times to other mom friends who have had the same guilt, "A little TV isn't going to hurt anyone." So I should listen to my own reassurances and stop feeling bad about it I guess. Besides, Miss loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Yo Gabba Gabba. Has anyone ever watched that show?? Whoa. It is seriously weird, but Miss loves it and dances to the music and waves to the strange characters. The first time we watched it Jack Black was on. That was a little scary. Especially when he was suddenly and magically wearing the weird orange suit to match the DJ guy. Jack Black does not look good in that orange suit. I'm just sayin'.

Miss continues to do well as the Big Sister. She still tries to test me sometimes, and I am occasionally at a loss about what to do with her when she does this while I'm nursing or otherwise occupied with Lass and not very well able to correct her. But overall things are going well and getting better every day. I got a new gate to replace the stupid useless one I had previously purchased. I am always trying to encourage and praise Miss about being a Big Girl, and in that vein she got a new Big Girl Seat.

And then there's this angel.

She is really a good baby. She eats well and sleeps well at night, for the most part. Some nights are better than others, but I know I have it easy compared to some. For example, a bad night for us is when she wakes up three times instead of one or two (Wednesday night) or when she is fussy and won't stay asleep until I put her in the bouncy seat at midnight, and then she sleeps until 6 when I wake her up to feed her (last night). So really, even her bad nights aren't all that bad. And she is just so snuggly!!

We're chilling at home today, but the past two days we've gotten out and about a bit. Doctor's visits for both girls on Wednesday, Lass is 11 lbs, Miss is 25 lbs. Having both of them together was a bit of an adventure, but it worked out okay. Yesterday we all went to pick up our produce box and then went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Lass loves to ride in my BabyEtte wrap when we walk or go to the store, or even just around the house. She just snuggles right in and snoozes away. Yesterday she slept while I wore her for our walk and then just stayed in the wrap while I made dinner and ate. Handy.

And while us girls have been doing well on our own during the day, we sure do love it when Daddy comes home. He and Miss have been having little dance parties in the evenings. A breakdancing session turned into this:

After a while he pretended to be asleep. she wasn't having it though. She prodded him.
She signed "more" and said, "Agi??" (again)
Then she flashed this grin when she knew she had him.
The next game was Mop-the-Floor.
They took a little break for some photos. Check out the adoration with which she looks at her Daddy.
And back to playing.
Miss then wanted to read a book for her Daddy.
And now, right on cue, she's waking from her nap. Back to it!


  1. So precious! Great pics and beautiful baby!!!

  2. Love all your posts, Amy... keep 'em coming!
    Miss and Lass are both precious!