Saturday, October 9, 2010

I have a little problem.


It's not what you think. I admit, I used to have a bit of a shoe thing. I love shoes and have quite a collection. I so loved to buy and wear cute shoes. I have cute feet, so it worked out perfectly. I rarely ever spent much money on a pair of shoes. No Carrie Bradshaw $400 pair of Manolo Blahniks or anything. Heck, I've never even seen a pair of Manolo Blahniks. I don't usually even buy brand name shoes in a department store. I'm more of a Payless/Target kind of girl. Bargain shopper extraordinaire.

But I was kind of cured of my shoe thing when I started working full time in a federal prison. See, you have to wear sensible shoes to work in prison. They actually have rules about the shoes you have to wear. No open toes, no open heels. Fully enclosed feet only. And the shoes have to be comfortable enough to run in because you never know when you'll have to run to a body alarm to assist a fellow staff member. So I invested in a few pairs of sensible shoes for work and kind of lost my shoe love.

Well, it's back baby. Just, different.

It started with this pair of green tennies that I bought Miss back in the spring. They were too big at the time but they were on sale and I had a gift certificate. Plus they were just so stinkin' cute and I figured they would fit her in the fall. I was right. They do fit her. But as the weather has started to get chilly and she hasn't been wearing her sandals much anymore, I realized that green tennies just don't go with everything. So I needed to get her some more versatile play shoes and made a trip to the local Stride Rite outlet. And I got these.

Very practical. Cute enough. Definitely good for playing outside. Then I saw these, and had to get them too.

Hello adorable.

And of course, she needed some shoes that could be dressier or still used for indoor play shoes. What better than some Mary Janes?

Every girl has to have a good pair of black shoes and a good pair of brown.

And then, I found these.

What little girl doesn't need a pair of ruby slippers?? Miss loves hers!

And cowboy boots. Definitely a necessity. Did you notice how fabulous these were on the farm yesterday (check the pics if you didn't notice them)? All dusty and still completely adorable.

And of course it will be getting quite chilly again pretty soon, so these were a must have as well.

And of course I couldn't forget about these little piggies.

I got Lass's first pair of shoes too.

Although I've gone a bit shoe crazy for my girls recently, I still haven't lost my thriftiness. Most of these shoes came from Target. The more workhorse shoes that will be worn a lot for playing and will need to last and be super comfortable and supportive came from the Stride Rite outlet, but were still mostly on sale. It's been even more fun buying shoes for my girls than it used to be to buy them for myself!

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