Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smile, Baby

Today I'm smiling. Ear to ear. I finally joined a book club worth joining. I've been trying to find a book club since we moved here. I love reading and crave adult interaction these days, so what better than a book club?? Except that I've never managed to find one that either A) met at a time I could make, or B) had enough members to actually be a club/group. This is the 4th book club I've tried. The first two never actually met because they didn't have enough participants and the third one met at a bad time for me and was also very small.

This new one is a women's book club and today was the first meeting. It was a blast! I don't know the last time I got to hang out and just chat with other women in a setting that wasn't a playdate. Now, playdates are great, but the conversation is, by necessity, always pretty fragmented and disjointed. Today Miss stayed home with her Daddy and I took Lass with me. She was a dream, and I was able to have great conversation with great people without constant interruptions to corral my toddler. Heaven!

The first book we're reading is "The Miracle of Mercy Land." Each of the group members in attendance go to pick a book for an upcoming meeting, so the reading list is quite interesting and varied. My pick was for December and I chose "The Red Queen" by Philippa Gregory. I just finished reading "The White Queen" and it was quite good, so I'm looking forward to my pick, as well as some of the other choices made by the group members.

And speaking of smiles, I haven't yet been able to capture the 1000-watt smile of my youngest that can completely light up a room, but here's a little grin.
I love how she sort of crinkles her nose. Ain't she cute??

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