Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh, the Cuteness

When Miss and I made apple pie a couple of weeks ago, she wore one of my aprons made for me by my aunt. She looked adorable of course. But the other day we got a package from my aunt containing this:

The most adorable Miss-sized apron!! She loved it. The above picture doesn't show the fit quite right because I didn't realize at first that the neck strap, and thus the length, is adjustable because it runs through under the pits and can be pulled shorter by just pulling on the waist tie. So I got it fitting right here:
Miss wore it to help me make dinner last night. Here she's helping wash potatoes. I think she's making sure they smell okay.
Here's the link again to my aunt's Etsy shop where she sells her adorable aprons. Thanks Aunt Mag!!

And in further cuteness, Lass is such a sweet little Snuggle Bear.

She'll just stare and smile and coo for the longest time. And she loves to snuggle up to her momma.

I went to a local shop with lots of handmade items last week. I found this barrette for Miss that has the same fabric on it as the pants I made her! I was so excited to find it. Unfortunately she's already almost grown out of the pants.

Check out the amazement on Lass's face when she watches her Daddy play the guitar.
Watching football today and going to a party tonight. Our first night out since Lass arrived. She doesn't really take a bottle yet, so she'll be coming with us, but she's easily portable. Happy weekend!

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  1. LOVE the new apron! She is adorable! and Lass is looking more and more like her big sis - gorgeous!