Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3 months!!

Somebody is three whole months old today!!!

I can't believe it. The past three months have flown by. But then, it seems like our Lass has always been here. She's such a good and happy baby. She's growing so fast and doing lots of new things. She's enjoying tummy time a bit more and has great head control.

She likes "playing" with toys. I guess the better way to say it is that she notices toys, follows them with her eyes, smiles in response to them, and grabs them too.

She's a real Momma's girl.

She can sit in the Bumbo for a bit longer now. She loves to be sitting up and watching the world around her. In the photo below she is staring at something Miss is doing.

She likes her play mat and reaches up for the toys all the time now.

She loves to suck on the first two or three fingers of her right hand. But she still won't take a bottle!! I think I'm now on my sixth different type of bottle to try with her. This is completely my fault, as I didn't start trying to give her a bottle until my best "window" of opportunity was past. Shoot. At least her feedings have spaced out a bit. She has stayed with the babysitter so I could go do my first evaluation since she's been born, and it went well.

She was sleeping through the night for several weeks (I mean really sleeping through the night, from like 8 to 8). Then I moved her from her little snuggly inclined bed, which we had her in because of some suspected reflux, into her crib, and she started waking twice a night for a few nights. Now she is going to bed at about the same time as her sister (7-7:30pm) and she's back to waking only once, usually around 5:30 am (though last night it was at 1:30!!). I'm hoping she'll gradually get back to the 12-hour sleep stretches, but even as it is, I can't complain. I guess I should say that she's sleeping through the night and waking up really early, but then going right back to sleep for several hours, which isn't too bad! She's starting to get on a bit of a nap schedule, which is great because she is starting to take longer naps in the afternoon at the same time Miss does (right now)!! Woohoo!!

I love every different facial expression she makes. My hubby says she looks like me.

She has started giggling and she smiles a lot.

She is such a joy and we are soaking up every minute of these first few months. I have found that I'm able to really enjoy her more easily that I did Miss. That is definitely not meant to sound as though I didn't completely enjoy Miss's early months, but I was soooo much more nervous about everything with her because it was all new. Seriously. Everything. Having a second baby has allowed (forced?) me to relax a bit, which has helped me to just revel in her babyness and to love every day with both of my girls more than I ever thought would be possible. I don't know what job could possibly be better than this one I've been blessed to be able to do full time.

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