Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things that made me smile today

1. Two girls took long naps. At the same time!!

2. These big blue eyes.

3. I organized the toys and books in our living room and my hubby's office.

4. Sister hugs.

5. Hearty leftovers for dinner. Chicken stew and chili. Hardly any dishes to do!!

6. This girl:

7. Getting in a workout today!

8. Finding photos on my phone from a playdate we had a few weeks ago. We went to the children's museum and I took some pics on my phone and then forgot them. Miss loved the museum, especially the water room (complete with mini raincoats) and the slide.

9. A trip to Hobby Lobby for some holiday items. I picked up some new ornaments that aren't breakable for Miss to put on the tree. Each one I held up and showed her she said, "Oooh, I yuuuv it!" or "Boo-ful!" She is especially into Santa and snowmen right now. In fact, she said "I yuuuv it!" about almost every Santa or snowman she saw, which kept me smiling the whole time we were there. And when we were picking out picture frames so I can (finally) put up some photos of Lass, Miss kept saying, "No touch" about each frame, after I said it to her once. What a good girl.

10. I finally got a photo of the girls in their matching winter hats as we were getting bundled up to go to Hobby Lobby. I have a hat that matches theirs too. Unfortunately, Lass is not a big hat fan, so it has been very difficult to get a photo of the two of them in their adorable matching hats without Lass being red-faced and screaming. This one isn't great, but it's something. The hats were made by my friend Shannon of Crocheted Goods. I get compliments on them every time we wear them!
Today was a happy day. Very much looking forward to the rest of this week, with Lass turning 3 months old tomorrow, Thanksgiving on Thursday, and our Christmas decorating on Friday!

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