Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas - Take 2

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day at the Farm with my in-laws. It was a very fun time. Miss got dressed up for Christmas Eve.

She had a blast playing with all of her cousins (Lass missed out on this photo as she had gone to bed).

And of course, she loved opening her presents.

She loved her new Yo Gabba Gabba backpack.

She took a break to read one of her new books.

She stayed focused on her task in spite of all the commotion around her with 25 other people also opening gifts.

Then it was time for Santa. We took the stockings down from the mantle and spread them around the living room upstairs while the kids were playing downstairs. Here are Miss's and Lass's.

Then Santa stomped around, yelled, "Ho Ho Ho!" and all the kids ran up the stairs and out onto the snowy deck to catch a glimpse of him running away down the driveway. One of my brothers-in-law also had a flashlight with a red light that he made look like Rudolph taking off. Miss went out with her Daddy to see, but she was cold and I don't think she actually saw anything since she didn't really get what she was looking for. But she did enjoy digging into her pretty stocking (all the members of my husband's family have gorgeous stockings made by his aunt, the kids' are all personalized).

Then my husband found an item that was not put there by me. Could it have been Santa?

He misplaced this ancient and much-loved sweatshirt a year and a half ago and has been pining for it since. He has asked everyone he could think of if he might have left it at their house. And now he has it back. We have no idea who brought it back to him (well, we have a good idea, but no one's 'fessing up) and it doesn't really matter anyway. He's just happy to have it back. He's thrilled. In fact, I think I heard him say something like, "This is one of the best Christmas presents ever."

Miss really loved her new placemat with animals on it.

She loved counting the different animals.

On Christmas day it was time for playing in the snow.

She and her daddy went out with all the kids to sled on the big hill. She requested to make a snowman.

She had really enjoyed being out the previous day, but on this day it was much colder and windier. She didn't stay out long at all and didn't get a chance to make her snowman.

We're going to have a warm-up later this week, so maybe we'll get out to make a snowman then. This morning, Miss finally got the kitchen that Santa left for her and Lass. She loves it. As I type this, she is checking on her "pizza" in the oven. Time to go eat!


  1. I'm a faithful reader but I don't commen often. I wanted to say that my husband has that same sweatshirt! He's pruning our 4 year old to be a wrestling superstar!

  2. Heather - How funny. Is your husband's faded to gray and fraying too?? I'm sure if we ever have a boy my husband will be the same way!

  3. Very cute! Looks like a great Christmas. My Dh has a sweatshirt had has had for probably 10 years. The cuffs of the sleeves have fallen off but he still wears the darn thing.