Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with the Fam

We just got back from our Christmas trip to visit my family (in the land where the internet still does not go, so no posts from me for over a week. . .) We had a fabulous time. I have so many pictures and things I could blog about. But for tonight, I'll just share some photos of our celebration with my brother and his family.

To start the festivities, all the kids got Santa hats.

Miss's was a little bit too big.

Lass's fit perfectly and she wore it without complaint. My little elf. . .

Miss had a great time opening her gifts this year.

She also had a great time checking out everyone else's loot. From her cousin's Elmo toy,

to my sister-in-law's new silverware,

and her slippers,

to my coffee mug, and everything else she could get into.

The next day she had a blast prancing around in my beautiful new boots (Did I mention before that I have a thing for shoes? My girl has it too).

We had lots of fun during the week. Miss had another encounter with Santa too, but I'm going to try to get a couple more photos before I blog about that. Over all, the trip was really, really wonderful. And we made it home last night with only one stop during a 10-hour drive. My girls are road warriors! More soon.

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