Sunday, December 5, 2010

Warm and Cold

Warm - Miss and I finished our paper chain garland this morning. She was so excited to see it hung over our patio door.

Cold - Our weather got cold today. High in the mid 20s. Brrrr.

Warm - While Playing with Miss this morning around the Christmas tree, she gave me lots of hugs and repeatedly said, "I you so much" (I love you so much). I could have melted.

Cold - Our furnace died today. Rather, it was unconscious for a while. After a long cold morning and early afternoon of calling our home warranty company, waiting for them to find someone to come on a Sunday, finding out that they couldn't find anyone, finding someone myself, and getting them out to revive our old furnace so that it can limp along a bit longer, we now have heat again. For now. I will be taking bids tomorrow for a new furnace. Today Miss was all bundled up in the house.

She had fun when I told her to keep her hood up to stay nice and cozy warm.

She kept putting her fingers in her ears saying, "Keep ears warm. Nice, cozy." Loved it.

Warm - We have only one space heater. So when it was getting really cold in the house by mid afternoon, I put it in the family room, turned on the TV so Miss would stay parked in front of the heater with Lass and me, and put down our picnic blanket so we could have a "picnic snack" after Miss's nap. I don't let her eat or drink outside the kitchen in our house, so it was a rare treat to have a little picnic in the family room. "Nice, Cozy."

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