Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I Love This Spring

Whenever I find something I love, I want to tell everyone about it. Not to brag, but just to spread the joy. Or maybe to say, "Hey look, I found this fun/cool/nifty/handy thing. You should try it." As a mom, you find out about all the good mom stuff through hearing about it from other moms. So, today I'm just doing my part. Of course writing a blog post is the perfect way to spread the word. It's like sharing, but without having to let anyone touch my stuff.

I've found some fun new things that I am really enjoying this spring. Here's to sharing!

My new diaper bag:
It was a birthday present from my hubby. It's not really a diaper bag. It's a Big Buddha Rose Tote, but it's big enough to be a diaper bag. I can fit a cloth diaper or two for Lass plus accessories (spray bottle, cloth wipes, wet bag), Miss's potty bag (including folding potty seat, stickers, hand and rear end wipes, and Sesame Street toilet seat covers), a bib, nursing cover, cup of bunny crackers, cup of milk, wallet, and phone in there, with some room left over. Plus I can take out a few of the bigger things and still carry it as a fun purse on the occasions I go out somewhere without kids. I get comments on this bag almost every time I take it somewhere. You can check out Big Buddha's website here, but this bag is only sold from places like Ebay now because it's from last year's collection. Maybe I'm a little behind the times, but I love this bag so I don't care. I mean really, doesn't it just scream "Spring!"?

These matching bonnets:

You know I love me some baby bonnets. Heck, I did a whole post about them (see A Bonnet) and barely captured a photo of Miss outside without hers last summer. Miss still wears her Bella Sol Bebe bonnets, and I will be getting more for this summer for Lass. Bella Sol Bebe are really my favorite bonnets (check them out here, and see Miss as a bonnet model!). But I had to get these from Urban Baby Bonnets because they have cozy fleece lining the inside!

What a great idea!

For many people, fleece wouldn't conjure up thoughts of spring, but I ordered these thinking they would be perfect for our spring and fall here, which can be quite chilly. Little did I know just how cold this "spring" would turn out to be. In fact for much of the spring my girls have still been in knit caps. But in the past week or so I've been able to bring these bonnets out. And one thing I didn't think of, but that has been great, is that these bonnets are perfect for putting on the girls on the cold rainy days we've had recently because I can just flip the visor forward and keep the rain off their sweet little faces.

And we've had a lot of rain.

Yes, those are ducks swimming in our front yard.

The bonnets are perfect with rain boots too.

My final spring love item? My new ride. The Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller. This thing is like the Lincoln Town Car (you might think "Cadillac," but we're a Ford family, people!) of strollers. And the girls seem to love it.
Now if it can just get a little warmer and stay dry long enough for us to get out and enjoy some more walks in this thing! Happy Spring everyone.


  1. I didn't know you got the Baby Jogger stroller! I love ours. The green one is really pretty. I love the diaper bag/purse! It's beautiful!

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