Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Bonnet

Miss is not a fan of wearing a hat. She hated having a hat on when she was a newborn. Then she seemed to get over her hat issue for a while and did fine wearing a sun hat last summer. But when I tried to put one on her during our trip to Hawaii in February, she was back to total refusal. I put the hat on, and she promptly pulled it off. I tried tying the hat under her chin. No go. Then I thought maybe the old sun hat was just too small so I got her one a little bigger. It didn't matter, she still wouldn't keep it on.

More recently I saw the most adorable bonnet from an Etsy shop called Bella Sol Bebe Boutique on this blog that I love to follow. So I checked out the shop, and I just had to have one for Miss. What is more precious than a baby girl in a bonnet?? There is just something so quaint and nostalgic about a bonnet. I can remember wearing one when I was little, and I was so excited when I got the bonnet I ordered for Miss. I always thought she looked cuter than should be allowed in her old floppy sun hat, and of course she did. . .
But when I put this bonnet on her, I just wanted to melt over how completely perfect it was. . .

And an added bonus to the complete adorableness of this bonnet is the fact that Miss will actually keep it on for the entire time she's outside, so her perfect little head can be protected.

(I think this one is my favorite)

And I absolutely love the sweaty little head of wispy hair that emerges from under the hat when we come in to cool off for a bit. Heaven.


  1. Oh, my, goodness!!! Ok, I may be a little partial to the bonnets, lol....but how insanely cute is she!!!! Your little does Marigolds and Butterflies total justice, I have to say, haha!! Love it, thanks for sharing!!

  2. This bonnet is out of this world cute! Love the fabric.