Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny Miss

My girl makes me laugh every day. She does so many funny little things that I just love to watch. Who new having a toddler was such great entertainment? Here are just a few of her new things that crack me up.

She loves to play in my closet with my clothes and shoes. She just sits in the middle of a big pile of stuff she has pulled off the shelves and has a blast. She has a natural affinity for jewelry and loves to put on my necklaces and carry my purses. She has made such a mess of my closet, and I love it.

Miss loves to get into my drawer of hair stuff while I'm getting ready in the bathroom. She pulls out brushes and bobby pins, clips, and scrunchies (I swear I only wear these when I'm working out or washing my face :) And speaking of jewelry, she always puts on my hair rubber bands like a bunch of bangle bracelets. I never showed her to do this. And I don't wear bracelets. My girl just knew what to do. She also loved the mass of clips and other things I put in my hair for this photo:

Miss found this pashmina in my closet and loves to play with it. She brings it to me so I'll put it around her head like a little babushka and then gives me this huge smile. Then she throws it around and twirls it and poses in front of the mirror with it.

She loves the full-length mirror behind the door to our bedroom. She makes funny faces, strikes cute poses, and shakes her booty in front of it so adorably I could just watch all day.

This is just a tiny glimpse of into all the things that my gorgeous funny girl does. I am such a lucky Momma.

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