Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun at the Farm, a Few Firsts, and Father's Day

Last week was full of the fresh air and beauty of the place we call The Farm.

I love how this place seems to seep into our souls and revive us. Miss is in her element here. She would spend all day every day outside if she could, and comes close when at The Farm. Upon waking, while still drowsy with sleep, she will look up through her crazy bed-head hair at her Daddy and say, "Go outside?"

She had so much opportunity in the past week to play with her "kids", which is what she calls her cousins. And they seem to adore her and Lass. They dote on my girls, especially the older cousins. It warms my heart to see how much Miss loves being with her kids and how wonderful they are to her and her sister.

The Farm is all about the simple things. Watching my girls thrive here is so satisfying. No fancy toys needed. Just the imagination and innocence of a two year old. One of her favorite things last week was going out with her Daddy to throw rocks into the pond over and over.

She and Lass had a blast on the swing set, as usual.

Lass went down the slide, with assistance of course, for the first time and loved it. She has turned out to be quite a little climber, trying repeatedly to climb up the slide, climbing up the stairs for the first time, on top of suit cases, etc. Oh boy.

My girls just love playing with their Daddy.

Miss refused to take off this life jacket, except when she went on the swing.

A day outside would not be complete without some sidewalk chalk. Miss has started showing her artistic talents.

Lass got to try out the chalk for the first time.

Miss had her first popsicle.

Miss asked me to draw our family. Yes, I drew this. No, I am not embarrassed. Much.

As much as we love The Farm, we are happy to be home today. Here's a real family photo after we went out for brunch to celebrate the most important man in our world.

Husband, Daddy. He is amazing and does so much for us. I am thankful every day to have such a wonderful husband and Daddy for our girls.
Happy Father's Day.


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