Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I have my computer back finally! Still don't have my old photos recovered, but I did get to finally upload and look at the pics I've been taking for the past week. Naturally, I have lots of photos of fun times with the girls.

These two are really starting to play together so well. I love to watch them. Miss gets such a kick out of making Lass smile or laugh or clap.

Lass idolizes Miss. Tonight when I was cooking dinner, Miss kept Lass entertained the whole time by dancing around and tickling her while Lass was in her jumper. It's a good thing too, because Lass doesn't really love being in the jumper so much anymore. Now that she can roam all over the place, she's not so into being in any contraption that restricts her movement. But, she's into everything, so I have to keep her in the jumper or her highchair any time I'm cooking. She climbs on top of everything she can and seems to be trying to climb on top of all sorts of things she can't (like the window sill in my bedroom, the table under our TV, etc).

The other day she climbed up on the fireplace hearth like it was nothing. And I have made more than one diving catch to keep her from falling back on her head when she turned herself to sit after climbing up on our suitcase (the suitcase that sat on the floor of our bedroom waiting to be unpacked for way too long).

Miss is so fun to watch as she develops more and more skill in so many areas. Gluing, sticker-ing, and coloring among them.

Cow paper bag puppet! She's crafty.

She is starting to really try to color inside the lines (without even being prompted to do so by me). She got this Hello Kitty coloring book and went through all the pages trying to precisly color Kitty's nose again and again.

Tonight the Daddy made a fort with the couch cushions.

Miss had to take all her friends in with her.

She thought the fort was the coolest thing ever. No wonder Daddy is her favorite these days. . .

Today is the last day of the month. On the first of the month I wrote this post about exercising and stated my goal to exercise at least 15 out of 30 days this month. I am proud to say that, even with a week of vacation thrown in the mix, I did meet my goal, hitting 15 days yesterday. I thought I would go one better and get in a workout tonight, but I couldn't drag myself away from my much missed computer. However, I do intend to do even better this next month. In July, I'm going for at least 20 days.

Another goal for July is to get Miss's new swing set put together. After weeks of looking for one that will be fun for her for many years to come, will be safe and sturdy, but won't break the bank, I finally found one and ordered it earlier this week. I'm hoping it will be here tomorrow so it can be a project for the holiday weekend. Wish us luck with that!

In addition to putting together a swing set, we'll be spending time at the pool, eating ice cream, baking banana chocolate chip muffins (Miss picked the recipe), and celebrating the 4th at home.

Can't beat that.

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