Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We try to emphasize being healthy and exercising our bodies in our household. My husband is great at getting in regular workouts, even if he sometimes has to do them at 9 at night. Miss goes to gymnastics and we do lots of dancing and running ("chase me!" is her new favorite) and jumping and good physical playing that makes for great exercise for a two-year-old. The other day she and her Daddy were "exercising" in the family room.

Even Lass is working on her squats...
Now I need to get my rear in gear. I used to be good about exercising regularly, often quite vigorously. I have been lazy. I've been losing my "baby weight" without exercising, and have been usually watching what I eat. But I've been terribly lazy about exercising (if you don't count lugging around two little girls and literally chasing a 2 year old, which I don't). I have about 5 more pounds to lose from my pregnancy with Lass, and it probably isn't going to come off without adding some exercise into the mix. Plus, exercising isn't just about losing weight. It's about being strong and healthy. It helps me to have more energy and probably even an improved mood. So, I'm putting it out there. This month, I will exercise more. I just need to get started and the momentum will build. I'll say I'm going to exercise at least 15 out of the 30 days this month. That's not a lot, but it's a start. As my brother (who is in fantastic shape and trains others, you can check his blog here) would say, "3,2,1 - Go!"

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