Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful long weekend here. We had a visit from a long-time friend of mine (a former college roommate!). She met my girls for the first time and became fast friends with Miss.

Lass is experiencing some stranger/separation anxiety right now, so she wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy with our guest, but she did lots of smiling from a distance.

It seems that the weather has finally cooperated with the calendar (though not until yesterday, which was 90 degrees!) and summer has arrived. We spent the morning yesterday at the pool. My husband had to work all weekend, so I took the girls by myself and therefore have no pictures of our first pool outing of the year. I was doing good to keep track of Miss while holding Lass constantly, so photo time wasn't really going to happen. I tried to set Lass down in a tiny bit of water in the zero entry area of the pool, but she didn't want anything to do with that. Then I tried to put her in our portable exersaucer thing. I should have known better. She didn't like it the first time I put her in it at home.
But on that first day she eventually got a bit used to being in the thing, so I thought maybe she would do better at the pool. When I put her in it she immediately started screaming and trying to climb out. So she spent the entire pool time in the Ergo, which was okay too.

During nap time I finally got out our water and sand table, which has been in the box for a few weeks since it has been too cold to play with it. We didn't have any sand but the girls didn't know the difference when I filled up both sides with water.

Lass felt like such a big deal being able to stand and play with her sister.

There was tons of splashing.

Miss was just scooping the water onto herself!

And she was very diligent about watering the landscaping.

Including the rocks.

Then she realized how wet she was and begged me to get a towel and dry her off.
I wiped the front of her clothes with the towel and dried her feet. I thought she might be upset about her wet clothes and ask to get dry clothes on. But she just went right back to splashing herself and pouring water everywhere. It's going to be a fun summer.

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