Monday, May 30, 2011

A Bath Time Conversation

A bath time conversation:

Miss: "Wook! I make sanwishes!"
Me: "Mmmm! Those sandwiches look delicious!"
Miss nods head, "You eat it Momma?"
Me: "What flavor are they?"
Miss: Blinks...
Me: "What flavor is the blue one?"
Miss: "Hmm, bwuebewy!"
Me: "What flavor is the green one?"
Miss: "Maybeee, appasauce, punkin, aaaand kiwi!"
Me: "Ooo, that sounds delicious. What flavor is the orange one?"
Miss: "Hmm, maybeee appasauce, punkin, aaaand banaaana!"
(That morning I had given Lass some babyfood that was a mixture of apples, pumpkin, banana, and sweet potato, or something like that.)
Me: "Wow. What about the yellow one?"
Miss: "Mm, maybeee appasauce, punkin, aaaand... Grandma!!!!"
Me: "Grandma?!"
Miss: Cracks up laughing.

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  1. Oh, don't you just love seeing little personalities emerge? Yep, I think Grandma could taste pretty sweet, too! HA!