Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Midwest Love

We wait a long time for spring here. Sometimes, like this year, it's a really long wait. We cherish the few days of sun and warmth we get in between March and April snowstorms (we had another snowstorm after I confidently posted here that spring had arrived for sure). But eventually, it always comes. And spring here is so worth the wait.

This is the Midwest.

We have spectacular thunderstorms. Miss has learned to embrace them rather than fear them.

And we have beautiful, perfect days of sunshine and breezes and 75 degree weather. This past weekend we were at the Farm and many of Miss and Lass's cousins came down to visit. It was so fun to watch the girls with their cousins playing and getting all sorts of attention as the "out-of-town" cousins. It makes me sad that they don't get to do this more often, but they sure did take full advantage of the time they had to play. Saturday was a day of playing chase and rolling in the grass, horsing around and swinging, sidewalk chalking and kite flying and more chasing while mommas visited and kept watch.

And just in time for the appetites that got worked up, a weiner roast for dinner, complete with s'mores for dessert. Miss had never had s'mores before. In fact, she'd never had marshmallows before. She was puzzled and thrilled by their stretchiness and gooey-ness and stickiness.

And after dinner? A sword fight with indulgent older cousins of course!

On guard!

The evening was topped off with a friendly game of softball, in which even the littlest ones were allowed to join.

After a few minor injuries, the game was switched to kickball, which Miss enjoyed even more.

When you wait so long for it, you appreciate it so much and try hard to make the most of every moment during days like these. Miss keeps saying, "Where's my kids?" and "I want to play with my cousins." I'm sad that we live so far from family, but happy that we can have days like these. Maybe it's like the weather. Maybe since we have to wait so long between visits with family, when we have them we make the most of every moment.

I'd like to add that we were traveling on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers I know. My Mom, my Grandma, my Mother in law, my Auntie, all my "mom-friends". . . Thanks for all you bring to my life.

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  1. Oh, WELL worth the wait! It's evident how much fun you all had at the Farm, and I just love how the little ones get to play the games with the big folks! The girls are getting SO big and more beautiful every day... can't wait to see them (and YOU)!
    Love you ~ Auntie