Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Steps

One of the hard things about moving around the country for school and other stages of professional training is that you end up making wonderful friends and then missing them when everyone inevitably moves on to the next stage of life (the real job stage). I've lived in Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, and North Carolina, before finally settling here where my husband found a great job. I miss my friends from all the places I've lived. I don't see them often enough. Fortunately this past weekend we had a fantastic visit from some of our closest friends we met in North Carolina. It was so fun to see them. It's always good for the soul to spend some time visiting and talking in the comfortable way that old friends do. The girls really enjoyed playing with our friends' kids too. It was a special weekend.

It was special in more ways than one, since Lass took her first steps on Friday!

We tried to get photos and video footage, but naturally as soon as my husband grabbed the camera, she stopped stepping.

She'll be walking all over before we know it. I'm planning her first birthday party, which is so hard to believe.

Little sister is getting so big.

And big sister is too. She will most likely be starting preschool twice a week this fall. I say most likely because I am not completely sure I've managed to fully commit myself to the idea. I found a fabulous preschool. I really like the owner and her vision for the school. I love the way they teach there. I really think Miss would love it, but it makes me a little anxious to think of leaving her somewhere else for three hours twice a week. I think it will be a great experience for her, so I know I will get over myself and enroll her. I'm pretty sure... This is a big step for me.

I'm also thinking of enrolling her in a dance class in the near future. This girl loves to dance, as you might have noticed from my multiple posts about family dance parties and videos of her dancing. This weekend we happened to have the TV on when "Angelina Ballerina" came on PBS. She had never seen the show, but she was fascinated.

Right away she asked me to get her a tutu and she started trying to imitate the dance steps.




Not bad!

We're gearing up to go visit some more friends from my graduate school days in Kentucky. Two of my friends are getting married and Miss is going to be their flower girl. We've been getting her dress fitted and watching You Tube videos of flower girls so she'll have some idea what to do, since we won't make it down in time to go to the rehearsal. I can't wait to see Miss as a little flower girl! And I can't wait to see my friends on their big day.

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