Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Snake and a Cake

We had Lass's birthday party on Saturday. We are at the Farm, and are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to have a party. A perfect example of how things often happen here is that one of the girls' cousins found a snake shortly before the party started and brought it up to the house. Everyone was shying away from it, except Miss of course.

She thought it was pretty cool.
It was a dead snake,

but she didn't care. I love, love, love that my girls can have experiences like this. Miss was not squeamish in the least about holding that snake, and that makes me smile.

Something else that makes me smile is a first birthday party. I like birthdays. I like celebrating my girls' birthdays, but there is something just a little extra special about a first birthday.

It's seeing the look on the face of my littler girl, who has never really had cake before, when she sees it for the first time. A special little cake just for her.

It's feeling her excitement when everyone sings a song all together, just for her.

It's this look of "Can I really? Really?"

And then the laughter and joy in watching her gradually try it out

and finally dig in.

She spent a few minutes just squishing her hands in the cake, loving the feel of it.

And then she remembered, "Oh yeah, this stuff tastes good too!"

I love this!

Getting ready to dive in...


Washing it all down.

How many shots does it take to get our little family photo with everyone looking at the camera and smiling? Not so easy with a 2.5 year old, a 1 year old, and a cake sitting in front of both of them. In the first attempt, we did pretty well. Lass had already had her fill of cake. Unfortunately, Miss hadn't gotten her piece yet, and she couldn't take her eyes off Lass's totally destroyed cake.

Second try? Miss stole a pinch of cake, and Lass didn't like it too much.

Third try? Lass decided she's better eat more before her sister got it all.
Oh well. They're great photos anyway. Thanks to my Auntie for taking them (and for coming to the party from 3 hours away... and picking up the cakes...)

Big sister finally got her cake and ice cream.

She even shared with Grandpa.

And the clean up effort.

It was a wonderful day and a perfect party. So many family members came to celebrate with us, and that always means so much to us. Huge props to my in laws for letting us have this special event at their Farm. I know Lass won't remember this day, but I'm thrilled to have these great photos to show her when she gets older. And the day is indelibly imprinted in my memory, just as Miss's first birthday party a year and a half ago is. I love a first birthday party.

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