Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have neglected my blog terribly the past few days.  Sorry.  I think I'm nesting.  Unfortunately (though fortunate for me, I suppose) nesting during this pregnancy has not taken the form of feeling the overwhelming urge to clean my grout with a toothbrush or take everything out and wash the insides of my cabinets or anything crazy like that.  Okay, let's be honest here.  I've never actually felt an overwhelming urge to do either of those things, even during prior pregnancies (though for the record, I have cleaned my grout with a toothbrush when necessary, but not out of a huge desire to do so).  But back to the point.  Right now for me, nesting = crafting.  I'm going slightly nuts crafting and sewing stuff for my girls' rooms.  Pinterest is partly to blame, because I've gotten some really cute and easy and cheap ideas from things I've seen there.  But I've run a little wild and have sort of ended up redoing each of my girls' rooms.  I've gotten a lot done, but my craft area (aka dining room table) is a mess of partially finished projects and equipment/supplies just waiting for the next project to start.  I can't stop myself.

Happily I will have lots of photos to show when it's all said and done.  If it ever gets all said and done...

The crafting craze has taken place when girls are sleeping.  When they're awake, I've been trying especially to spend as much quality time with my two big girls as possible as we await the arrival of Baby Sis.

I tried to take Miss out on Saturday for a special "date," just the two of us.  We got all dressed, coats and boots on, ready to head out the door, and she decided she didn't want to go.  She wanted to stay home with her Daddy and Lass.  I had even mentioned "ice cream" to her in trying to get her to understand that we were going to spend some special fun time together.  Apparently Daddy and Sister rate above Mom and ice cream.  Ouch.  After his past week at home, she is really into Daddy right now.  When we got out the Play Doh the other day she was very excited to make a special piece for him.  We took this picture and emailed it to him.  Then she made him another item that we put in a ziploc so she could give it to him when he got home from work.  She was so proud.

I think the girls are missing him now that he's back at work this week.  They still love their Daddy time at night though.

Somebody was hiding...

And now to the big news of the day...  I had my version this morning and it was successful!  I am still a little bit nervous that Sis could flip herself back to head up, but for now she is facing the right way and ready to come out any day now. Or in about 3 more weeks, if she's anything like her sisters.  I have felt like she is getting wedged down into my pelvis, so hopefully that's a good sign that she's enjoying her new orientation and planning to remain head down.  I was fearful that I couldn't be lucky enough to have two versions be successful, but I guess I am.  Of course, I'm lucky in so many wonderful ways, that's just the tip of the ice berg.  Tonight, I'm remembering just how lucky I am.

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