Monday, March 12, 2012

Speaking of Messes...

I went to a doctor's appointment this morning.  As soon as I got home, right after running to me with a yell of "Mama!" and a big hug (which never gets old, by the way), Miss asked if she could paint.  What a coincidence.  I had planned to paint with the girls on Thursday morning, but I figured, "What the heck?" and said, "Sure, we can paint."  What I should have said was "Not this morning, Honey, we have to go to gymnastics."  But I completely forgot about Miss's gymnastics class this morning.  So.  We painted.

This was Lass's first time painting at the easel.

She seemed to like it okay, but didn't stick with it for very long.  She didn't seem to like the paint on her hands and feet.

Apparently mud is cool, but paint, not so much. She was done after making two paintings.

Miss on the other hand was all into the painting and probably would have continued for hours if I hadn't had her get cleaned up to get ready for lunch.

We had fun, and I have lots of great paintings as a result of their efforts.  I even found some great, cheap frames at Target this afternoon that are just the right size for this paper.  They will work really well for framing the masterpieces of my little artists.

And the mess wasn't even that bad...

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