Friday, May 11, 2012

La La La

A few weeks ago I posted this entry about how much we all love to sing at our house, and included a video of Miss singing "Whistle While You Work."  I still watch that video from time to time because it makes me chuckle.  

I mentioned in that post that Lass also loves to sing, though of course she can't quite do all the words to the songs like Miss can yet.  Tonight my husband captured Lass singing on video.  One of Miss's favorite songs to sing, besides "Whistle While You Work" is the theme from the new Care Bears movies.  She sings it loud and proud, "We are Care Bears, La La La-la-la!"  She sings this so often that Lass's original word for "Care Bears" was "La-la."  Now Lass can sing the La-la song herself.  Check it out.
Have a great weekend.  La La La.

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