Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesdays with Lass

At least once per week, on Tuesday or Wednesday or both, I have a special morning with Lass while Miss is at school.  Sometimes we run errands or just go home and play.  Often we go to a local cafe where they have a big play area for little ones.  Sis comes along of course, but mostly she just sleeps or chills in her car seat or wrap, so it is special time for Lass and me to hang out.  Her little personality just seems to blossom during these times.  She is so curious and chatters away about everything she sees.  She loves to look at the mural at the cafe and point out each animal she sees.  She plays in the little house and with the train table.

We have a snack.  She likes to climb up in the chair at one of the other small tables, point to the other chair and say, "Sit?  Mama sit?"  Then we sit at the table, just the two of us and chit chat.

Yesterday she wouldn't take off this paper bib after her snack.

She is growing and changing so quickly.  She's 21 months old today.  Her vocabulary seems to grow every day and she now speaks in full sentences.  She has little things she likes to say a lot, like "No yet," if you ask her to do something or "Okay?," meaning, "Are you okay?"  She pats or rubs my arm or leg if she can when she asks this one.  She is very interested in taking care of her baby sister and tries to be able to do all the things her big sister can do.  She is now wearing a "big girl pony tail" like her big sis.  She looks so grown up.

I love my mornings with my middle girl. 

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