Monday, May 7, 2012

Things I Loved This Week

I lost my camera cord for uploading photos for a few days.  I found it yesterday and uploaded a ton of fun photos from the past week.  So here's a big post of some things I've been loving this week, chock full of lots of pics. 

I'm loving new fashion statements.

My Auntie sent a package last week with some things for all of the girls.  My big girls had a field day with these headbands and balloons.  I love that they put the headbands on like little hippies.

When I was little, I was very into dressing up.  I used to have a field day at my Grandma's house because she would let me play in her jewelry box, which was full of tons of necklaces and clip on earrings.  My Mom's jewelry box, on the other hand, was sadly lacking fun dress up items, as was her closet.  I think she owned one pair of high heels.  They were silver, from my Auntie's wedding, I think. I loved that one pair of beautiful shoes.  My Mom just wasn't really a shoe gal.  Or a purse gal.  Or a clothes gal.  Therefore, my dress up options when I played in her closet were nearly nonexistent.  My girls will not have the same problem.  They get into my closet and have a field day with all sorts of heels and purses.

They have a box of their own things in their play room too.  Shoes have been big this week.

I'm loving sister bonding.

These two have really gotten into wrestling in the past few days.

But they're always super sweet and gentle with Baby Sis.

I'm loving watching this one.

I'm loving conversations with my girls.

My two big girls are so chatty and have so much to say.  Lass's language is really exploding and she is starting to speak in sentences.  She can say just about anything, though sometimes it's hard to understand her at first.  She makes me smile and often laugh with the little things she says. She loves to play "Shark" right now, and so she tends to yell the word any time she's in the mood to play, which is quite often.  It makes me giggle that her pronunciation of the word is "Shart."  Yep.  Full volume.  All the time.  It cracks me up.

I also love listening to my girls talk to each other.  They have real conversations now.  Miss understands Lass nearly as well as I do, so they talk about all sorts of stuff.  I love that Miss calls her "Honey" a lot and likes to try to teach her new things and tell her what to do.  She's trying to help her learn ABCs and counting.  It's adorable to watch and listen to them.

Life is so good.

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