Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bring on Summer

We have started our new summer schedule this week.  Miss is still going to school for the month of June, but she's switched to Tuesdays and Thursdays to make room for a Monday and Wednesday swimming class and Wednesday art class.  So far this week we've been busy but thoroughly enjoying it.  Lass and Sis came with me to vote in our state's big recall election yesterday while Miss was in school.  Lass waited so patiently in line with me.  She got a cookie when we were done.  And a sticker, of course.

She is such a funny little character.  While on our way out of the building where we voted, an elderly man was walking in, and as we passed him he held out his hand to her as if asking her for her cookie.  She was holding her cookie in her left hand, with her right hand holding mine.  Without skipping a beat, she let go of my hand and slapped the man's hand to give him "5."  She is awesome.

Sis just hung out and slept the whole time.  She's a dream baby.  We voted after she had her 2-month doctor's appointment.  She weighed in at the 90th %ile, and her height is around the 97th %ile.  Pretty much the same as her sisters at that age, though Miss is now around the 50th %ile for both height and weight.  I had to pull out 6-month sized clothes for Sis this week!

Miss started a new art class today.  I tried out the drop-in childcare at the YMCA for Lass and Sis and got in a workout while Miss's class was going.  I have never done that before.  I am wondering why.  It will now be a weekly practice.

Naturally, we had some mad dress-up after coming home.  Miss has started striking these funny little poses when I ask if I can take her picture.

I have no idea where she learned this, but I love it.

Both older girls were accessorized to the max.

Thank goodness this little one is a wonderful traveler.

We are leaving again for the Farm on Friday for another week of sun and outside playing and exploring.  And dress up.  There will be lots of dress up I'm sure.  I know Lass will be happy to reunite with the pink leo.  

Welcome summer!

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