Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Gotta Get Me One of These

And when I say "one of these," I'm referring to a huge, obnoxious trampoline to put in my backyard.  For my kids, of course.  Yes. For my kids.

During our recent weeks of traveling we spent some time with my sister-in-law's family.  They have a trampoline in their backyard (along with a pool and lots of chickens, it's like child heaven there).  The girls loved it.

They played "Monster" with my husband and his brother.

They jumped and jumped and ran and jumped some more.  They laughed and screamed a lot.

Miss made up a game called "Kitty-Cat-Cat Ball," which she played with her older cousins.  The rules according to Miss: "You throw the ball up in the air and try to catch it. And if you miss it, you have to do something else." Right on.

This was her proud pose every time she caught the ball.  I love, love, love this pose.  I just wish this photo would have captured the priceless look on her face too.

Her cousin was pretending to have trouble catching the ball.  Here she was telling him, "You have to keep trying.  I know you can do it!"

Add trampoline to the long list of things I once thought I would never do or buy for my children that I am now scrambling to buy and have rush delivered.  I don't know why I used to think I wouldn't get one of these.  It's great exercise.  The kids can be entertained for hours in there.  And with the zip-up safety cage around it, it's like the world's largest playpen!  Entertainment + Containment = LOVE

And who am I kidding?  I can't wait to get in and jump around myself too!

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