Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anyone Staying Up Until Midnight Tonight?

Once upon a time, the big plans for New Year's Eve were all important and sometimes very elaborate. I have celebrated New Year's Eve in many ways and with many people. There was the year I went to a bar in Windsor, Canada (I believe I was still under 21). I can't remember the name of the bar, but I remember spent a ridiculous cover charge for "food," a cheap bottle of "champagne" and a few chintzy party favors. Then there was the year I drove up to Michigan and celebrated with my best friend and many others in her basement. The first year my hubby and I lived together we had a party at our home and invited all of our wonderful friends from our early days in Durham. I recall these different New Year's Eves as being fun in their different ways. Many other years I've had a wonderful time on New Year's Eve too. And then some years were utterly forgettable. But the one thing they all had in common, until recently, was that I always, always, stayed up past midnight to "ring in the new year."

Hm. That has all changed in recent years. Last year, I was pregnant and tired and in bed by 10. This year will just be more of the same I'm sure. And really, I don't mind. I no longer feel like there is something magical about staying up until midnight. About watching the ball drop, counting down those last seconds, or kissing my beloved at exactly midnight. I won't miss the noise makers or the cheap sparkling wine that tastes disgusting. I don't feel like I'll miss something important if I'm happily slumbering in my bed at 11:59 as the clock rolls over to 2010. In fact, what I feel I'll miss if I do stay awake is those precious hours of happy slumber that could have been had! So, I'll kiss my hubby at bedtime like I always do and wish him Happy New Year, though it will still be a few hours until it's official. I'll wake up tomorrow in the new year (hopefully) refreshed from a full night's sleep, and I'll feel just as thankful for all the blessings of 2009 and just as hopeful for a wonderful 2010 as I would if I had stayed up to officially welcome in the New Year at it's birth. Happy New Year everyone. Bring on 2010.

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