Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Traveling Resumes

The holidays are a time to be spent with family. Unfortunately, my family lives approximately 10 hours away and my in-laws live about 5 hours away (both driving distances). So, tomorrow night we begin our holiday travels. We will be driving through the night to go to my parents' house. Why through the night, you ask? Two reasons. One is that my husband's work holiday party is tomorrow night. The other is that it is much easier to drive that far with a baby when she is sleeping the whole way. Easier for us, and also easier for her. So, we will probably hit the road at around 10 tomorrow night and we'll stay with my parents for about a week. Then we'll be back home for the week before Christmas and leave on Christmas Eve afternoon to go visit my in-laws and spend Christmas weekend with them.

We travel a lot, so these two trips are really not a big deal, relatively speaking. It has been nice to be home for a few weeks. But I can't imagine not seeing our families at holiday time. I really can't wait to visit with my family again, even if I do have to go to Tiny Town, USA where there is no internet connection to be found. No, I shouldn't say that. Mom and Dad do have dial-up. Too bad my computer can't even hook up to a dial-up connection!! So, if I'm absent from blog-land for a while, you'll know why. I didn't fall off the face of the earth, didn't get sucked into a black hole, just went to visit the 'rents. It'll be fantastic. My dad is a great cook. My mom bakes tons of yummy treats (but only if I have my hubby with me; last time I went he wasn't with me and I got diddly squat:). My mom and I will watch "Heidi" and the day that we choose to do our "Christmas" (which obviously won't be on Christmas Day), we'll have creamed eggs for breakfast. Yum. And I really can't wait to see Miss's face when she experiences the holiday gift-opening event for the first time. I love holiday traditions. Happy Holidays!!!!

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