Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Secret to my Stash

I have a secret. It's one of my very favorite "go to" diapers that makes my life so easy. I say it's a secret because the diapers come from a small company and I don't know a ton of people who have them. They're called HuggaBuns and they are such fantastic diapers. I bought some HuggaBuns in my very early days of cloth diapering, largely because they were quite inexpensive and because they have hemp and bamboo inserts. I fell in love with them and have bought many more HuggaBuns over the past several months.

I originally ordered both smalls and mediums, thinking Miss could wear the smalls right away and then grow into the mediums. She started out being able to wear both sizes (5 to 6 months ago) and can still wear both sizes!!!

Here's Miss in a Medium when I first got these diapers. She was about 4 months old.

Here she is in a Small more recently. The Smalls still fit her this well!

The small diapers come with a trifold hemp insert and the mediums come with a trifold bamboo insert. These inserts are super absorbent and the diapers are so trim!! I always use the smalls for naptime, and I use both sizes for any time! They are great when we are in the car for a long time. I almost always put one on her when we are going out to run errands because I know it will last a long time in case I can't find a good place to change her, and they don't leak! I also have a bunch of extra inserts, and the bamboo ones in particular are the perfect fit to put in many of my other diapers. I have lots of dipes that come with microfiber inserts, which just aren't really my favorite. So I have taken out the microfiber and used the HB trifold bamboo inserts instead, and now I love lots of my other diapers even more too! The HBs come clean easily, and they are just such an all-around good diaper that I find myself reaching for one all the time. I was disappointed that they didn't come in a one-size option, and the color selection is somewhat limited, but I have been told they're coming out with a new OS style in some new colors soon!

HuggaBuns are obviously one of my very favorite pocket diapers. Other favorites include my Blueberry pockets, SoftBums all-in-twos, and newly discovered Peachy Keen pockets. I have also recently discovered a love for fitteds and wool, and I'm bringing more of these types of diapers into my stash and using them more and more. Maybe in another post I'll tell you all about the wonderful world of wool and some of my favorites in that category, but for now I'll just leave you with a photo of Miss in a "nifty" fitted diaper with a "woolie" cover over it!!


  1. I have some of these that I bought used off ebay and I LOVE them! I wish could find more and the inserts are the only ones my daughter doesn't pee right through!

    1. Let me know if you're interested in any of these. I have many in good condition that I don't use anymore, as I've switched over entirely to fitteds. Thanks for the comment! - Amy