Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gray Day

Today is one of those dreary days you inevitably get in the transition from winter to spring. A day when things aren't the pretty white of winter anymore but haven't gotten to the beautiful green and colors of spring yet. It's been this way for the past several days, but with the warmth and the sun shining, I didn't even notice. Today it is gray and rainy and so ugly out! And to top it off I have to go plunge a toilet that I put too many cloth diaper liners into (flushable liners for cloth diapers, not cloth liners) before flushing. In an effort to save water, I throw in quite a few of these before flushing them away, unless there's a poopy one, but this time apparently I put in too many. Blech.

But in spite of the gloomy day and clogged toilet, I have so much to be happy and excited about and that's what I try to focus on. It's not too hard, because there's a lot. Here are a few things I'm happy about today:

- I am taking Miss to get her one-year photos taken today and I bought her the most adorable patent leather Mary Janes (marked down at the Stride Rite outlet no less!!!) and ruffly socks to go with the outfits she'll wear. What is cuter than baby patent leather??

- We have a Stride Rite outlet! and Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, OshKosh B'Gosh (hello adorable baby jeans and $1.99 tunics!), Carter's, Children's Place, Motherhood, etc. within 5 minutes of our house.

- I am feeling Baby move frequently now and heard his or her little heartbeat again at the doctor yesterday. Can't beat that for happy.

- Miss's new move is to wave her hand in front of her nose when she smells something stinky. This absolutely cracks me up. And she roars like a lion and points to her belly button, nose, ear, tummy, etc. Love this stage she's in!!

- My hubby does the dishes after dinner every night while I put Miss to bed.

- I'm making progress on the projects I posted about the other day.

- I'm making Osso Bucco for dinner tonight and have a wonderful butcher who cuts my meat exactly how I want it.

- In a week and a half we're taking a road trip (dogs too) to visit my parents and see my brother and his family, including my brand new niece.

Well that's just a tiny bit of all the great things I am lucky to have in my life. Oh yeah, and while I'm looking on the bright side, the rain that's coming down today? It's melting that snow quickly! Hooray for rain!

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  1. I can't wait to see Miss' 1 year pics!!! And I can just picture her waving her hand in front of her face!!! So cute!! Way jealous of all of your outlets, Guess I need to make a trip over there some day!!!